Putting the puzzle together...piece by piece

"Traveling across both Canada and The United States conducting or assisting in investigations has been an excellent learning experience for me...one I wouldn't trade for anything!"

By being exposed to many different types of investigations early on in his career the president of the company strives to lead his team in identifying "the big picture" when it comes to an investigation.

With respect to the insurance industry the company believes that every claim has a story and it's an investigator's job to uncover it, piece the puzzle together and place the events of the story in a timeline that the client can easily understand.

Investigative Intel takes the time to review each investigation, stratezize with their clients and offer complete investigative solutions to suit their needs.

"A full service investigation company should always take the time to review a file and possibly educate their client in other avenues of investigations that might better assist them with their issue at hand"  

"Understanding the situation that led to a subject's claim is important.  Knowing what to do and how to structure the investigation of the claim afterward is paramount!"

Investigative Intel has investigated numerous types of cases across Canada and The United States over many years.  Their experience includes, but is not limited to, conducting complex background investigations, surveillance, detailed scene analyses, foreign death claims, witness interviews/statements and investigating corporate theft.

"Investigative Intel doesn't just 'scratch the surface' of an investigation, we dig deeper...much deeper!"

Whether it's an insurance, corporate or personal investigation rest assured that when Investigative Intel conducts an investigation the company will thoroughly review the case and have it properly investigated with the utmost discretion.